Jeff B. – May 2013

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I chose The River Source on my own accord. Through research I was looking for an environment that would enable to experience a spiritual approach to my disease- Alcoholism. As well, I was looking for the opportunity to initiate the 12-Step Program so I could fully understand the “solution” it provides. Those primary features alongside the Naturopathic Approach to health and healing reinforced my research and ultimate choice to come to The River Source-Mesa. My experience here has been outstanding. From the entire staff to my peers I have experienced a true spiritual change. My eyes have been opened to my disease, the understanding of my “inner self” and my connection to a “Higher Power”. What was once a feeling of hopelessness is now a knowing of true inner peace, freedom, surrender, meaning of honesty and fellowship. What was once an ego driven life run by pure “self will” is now a life built on “Power Greater than Myself”. I find myself often saying to myself throughout the day “Gods Will Be Done”. The knowing that God has a plan for me and all I have to do is “get out of the way” is a spiritual experience I’ve experience and intend to work hard to bring into the World that awaits me. I will and would recommend The River Source to anyone I feel wants and need the experience I received and cherish the rest of my life.

– Jeff B.