Jeff H. – Salome, AZ

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I was brought to the River Source by my Dad as soon as I got out of prison. My Dad and Uncle looked you guys up on-line and you guys had an open bed so that one of the big reasons that we chose you guys. My experience here at the River Source has been amazing. It has been a life changing experience for me. I can't thank everyone here enough. My life is so so so good now. I haven't been this happy in years and I can use these tools now to better my life and sobriety. And yes I would recommend this place for sure. I have already recommended this place to like 5 people. This is the best place ever, even with the up's and down's I went through since I've been here. I love this place!!!!! Yes, I would like to say I couldn't ever repay everyone here because I feel like everyone here has been so helpful and helped me get connected with God and teach me how to use the tools I need now. And I would like to thank everyone that has helped me save my life. Love you Guys.