Jeff – November 2009

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Before coming to the River Source I was a total wreck. I was in denial about being an addict and uneducated about addiction. I was brought “here” by God, and at first I did not realize that. During my first few days (weeks) I was not wanting to stay sober and could not wrap my head around the program. Gradually through experience and suggestion the fog and delusion within myself was lifted. I began to come into definite contact with God. Working the 12 steps free’d me as a person so that I could better carry out God’s will for me. Having to always keep in mind it is spiritual progress not perfection. By starting to be at peace and in contact with God, any type of problem that I encountered here during my stay was easy to deal with. I am truly grateful for coming here. My life today is totally enlightening. I can’t really explain, AMAZING! I know now that the worst part of my life is over (if I continue to work the steps) but that the hardest part of recovery is just now starting as I graduate. If anyone is thinking about coming here I would totally say it’s a great idea. Take it serious, be open minded and open to suggestion. It’s a good place!