Jeff W. – April 2013

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The River Source has been my saving grace. I wish I would have come here four years ago. I came here for alcohol treatment after a relapse last month. My sponsor and an AA friend found The River Source online and drove me here. I was a mess. I had been in AA for several years—but I see now that I was hardly working a program—that was what I was missing and that is why I relapsed. What a package deal this place has been. The staff, the food, the program—even the IV bags and the yoga, all of this came together to give me the pieces I was missing! This has been a great experience. I am now on track and ready to face the world. I now have a sponsor and I’m on steps 8&9—I will be getting a home group and a service commitment—my spirituality has grown and my anxiety and worry are at rest. I would definitely recommend The River Source to someone in need—thank you to all the staff for your hard work and dedication.

– Jeff W.