Jen J – July 2009

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Upon entering treatment, I had managed to climb into a deadly vehicle made of oxycontin, heroin, pot, and crack. Fueled by lifelong feelings of fear, rage, resentment, and crippling depression, suicide seemed my final destination. Instead, I found myself on the steps of the River Source: broken, empty, a shell of a person.
Recovered addicts themselves, the amazing staff loved and accepted all of me. Once my drug cloud had lifted, they taught me how to feel again and how to accept all of my humanness-good and bad. They showed me the lies I’d told myself and taught me how to walk through my fears instead of needing drugs to hide from them.

River source was instrumental in saving my life. I went in a hopeless 35 year old drug addict, destined to die in my addiction. In 60 days, I came out reborn, with a gratitude and new love for life-my life- that I never dreamed possible.

Forever in your debt.

-Jen J.