Jennifer – April 2013

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Hello my name is Jennifer and I am an alcoholic. My life like many others has its ups and downs. I learned that I’ve had a drinking problem for many years. The last few years have been really bad. I would wake up and start drinking and that would continue until I went to bed.

Back in December I had a multiple seizures which my 11-year-old daughter got to see. It scared her so much she thought I was going to die. Then I had a grand mal seizure and I still drink after that what was I thinking?

I don’t even remember calling three different rehabs. I was in a blackout. I had to hear it from my daughter. I am very thankful that The River Source came and got me. It was God’s will for me to be here I know he has been with me this whole time. The staff here at The River Source is so wonderful. They have compassion and also call you out when you go astray. That is needed for us to redirect our addict behavior. My life now feels whole through the help of staff and my peers.

I am so happy that I get a second chance in life to be sober have a family back and to be a wife and mother that I knew I can be. Only through God can I stay sober. The River Source is most definitely a godsend. I cannot imagine my life without the experience. I will most definitely refer anyone to this miraculous program.

With much love and thanks Jennifer .

PS I have a Husband and three beautiful daughters to live for. Praise God