Jennifer E. – August 2013

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My life was going nowhere. I realized I had a serious problem about 5 years ago. I woke up, went to work; it seemed like a “normal” day. I was sitting across the desk from my boss to write out checks and my whole body started shaking. My hands were shaking so hard I couldn’t control the pen in my hand to continue. My symptoms got worse and worse where I couldn’t hold a job. One night in June I was searching the internet to find out what was causing it and how I could stop it. Even though I knew it was alcohol that is what popped up on Google. I read about it then started searching for a treatment center. The River Source came up and had everything I was looking for. The program fit for me, the holistic – body, mind, and spirit. Since coming here, I learned and grew so much. I realized I was living a life of delusional thinking, hopelessness, discontent, and irritable and that I could change., grow, and be the person God intended for me once I gave my will to Him. If it wasn’t for The River Source and all the staff, especially my life coach and my counselor helping me and understanding me, encouraging me and listening to me. I would have never made it this far. I am happy, content, open-minded, more patient with myself and look forward to giving back to other addicts in need. I would recommend The River Source to everyone that wants to get sober because it works!


Jennifer E