Jessie M. – January 2013

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I came into The River Source for the second time this year, almost 30 days ago. My first time in, I thought I had the program figured out and was overly confident when I left. Because of that I ended up falling off the wagon, my ego took over, and I relapsed. This time coming in here I had to take this experience as completely brand new. I had to set aside everything I knew for a brand new experience. I feel as if this time around, prior to coming in. I had reached my extreme bottom. I walked in completely humbled because I was here before and I relapsed. This time around I threw myself completely into the program, ceased fighting, and took full responsibility for my illness. I launched into the steps and revealed more of myself than ever before. I also had a huge lesson in acceptance and this time I truly gave up my will to God with no reservations. I am leaving here humbled, no ego, and a bag of tools for dealing with myself and people, places, and things I have no control over. I am the only one getting in the way of my sobriety. I take ownership of my disease and will do whatever it takes to remain sober and in God’s will, fulfilling his destiny in my life.


Jessie M