Jesus G. Tucson, AZ

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I needed an out after allowing my addiction to almost completely destroy my life. I was at a cross road I need to seek treatment or surrender to my insanity and lose everything and eventually die. I made the hardest decision of my life and sought out treatment centers. I chose River Source because it was meant to be. Other facilities said they would not take me because Cocaine was my drug of choice. I was told that since I was not physically dependent on a substance. Additionally there was the money problem: I needed to pay the pawn shop to recover equipment that didn’t belong to me and I would lose my job and go to jail if it was found out. In addition to the pawn shop and drug bills I had to pay my insurance deductible and all of these things almost allowed me to talk my way out of coming to treatment. God intervened River Source waived the deductible; my mom lent me money to recover the equipment and I was able to gain my families support about entering treatment. We packed, I kissed my daughter good bye and came to The River Source.

My first few days I felt lost, but I made some friends and one in particular was a family man like me. I could relate to him. After a couple of days I came to the understanding that my drinking was really the problem in my life. And it has caused me the most pain. I started to see the damage that I had caused.

Being at the River Source has helped me to find myself, to acknowledge the good qualities that I have and gain the tools to cage and control the monster that I have inside. I have also learned to appreciate my wife as an amazing woman who by the grace of god has stayed by me. Now I am optimistic about my new life. I want to be happy joyous and free. I want to help break the cycle of addiction. I can be happy with myself. I highly recommend The River Source.