Joe H. – August 2012

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I am an alcoholic;
My wife brought me to The River Source one night. We were separated and had not seen each other for 2 months. I had been drinking like I was invincible. Most people wouldn’t do this, but she said where are you at I want to help you. She came and gotme; she even found The River Source for me and then brought me down that night. Once I decided that I needed to work this program for me and no one else, and then I let down my guard and let the staff do their jobs. I really felt like they really cared. The medical staff is awesome; they really put out the extra effort and did what it took to put me back together. God really is with The River Source. Here I am 60 days later and I am ready to go live life on life’s terms, I have a sober living house I am moving into on Sunday and starting back to work next. I am going to miss everyone here their more like a family.

Thanks for saving my life.

-Joe H