John L. – Dec. 2011

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To whom it may concern,

My name is John L. and I came to The River Source because my life was completely out of control. I was running around drinking and using meth. I have been an addict for 23 years, in and out of prison, not caring about anything or anyone. I would only get sober while in jail. I’d lost everything.

I’ve spent a total of 9 ½ years in prison and county jail, on 4 different occasions. I cleaned up every time, with the longest being 4 years. However, after being released, it would never take me long to start using again. My addiction overwhelms me. This time is different, due to my Higher Power. My God.

Before I went to prison this last time, I married my soul mate. I spent the next 3 ½ years in prison with my wife supporting me and staying by my side. I was blessed. And thank God, I am still blessed.

My dad also got sick while I was in jail. There was no curing his illness. I prayed every day to God, to please keep him alive long enough for me to prove to him that I could change and become a better man. A man that he could be proud of. I know it sounds selfish, but I needed his love.

After getting out of jail, I was able to spend less than a month with my father before he passed. I had worked hard, stayed clean and finally made my dad proud of me.

A few weeks passed before my addiction overtook me. Everything that I worked so hard for was slowly disappearing. I was destroying my marriage and my dad’s business. I was out of control.

I know it sounds crazy but I thank God for a DUI. I got this in July 2011 and one of my “punishments” was counseling. It was at the first session my wife and I had, that I told them that I wanted to go to rehab. I tried to go somewhere else but it didn’t feel right. So I went to a detox in casa Grande. They referred me to The River Source and I thank God for that.

The staff here is amazing. The programs, the exercise and the natural vitamins are a God send. The other clients here are so great that I feel blessed to be here. This is where I needed to be.

I never thought I could beat my addiction. I will always be an addict but thanks to The River Source, AA, NA and HA, I now have the tools to control it. I turned my will over to God. I have hope now and have learned to love myself.

I thank god for my counselor Holli. My marriage is better than ever. My wife, Cheryl, is my life. I have 2 grandchildren and 1 on the way. I don’t know how I could ever live without them.

I have the best life coach one could ask for. Thank you Brenda.

This place could not be this fantastic if it wasn’t for Jenny, the Director. She battles with the insurance companies because she cares.

You feel loved as soon as you walk through the door. I can’t imagine living any way than sober now. Thanks to God, my wife and The River Source. If you genuinely want to live life happy and clean, there is no other place to start than The River Source.

Thank you very much!

Sincerely, with all my love,

John L.
Dec. 2011