John L. – November 2012

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I was brought to The River Source because I really needed help because I was going to die. I didn’t choose The River Source, but it was recommended by my detox program, and now I know that it was god that picked this program for me. My experience at The River source was that of one I honestly did not expect. When I first got here I was so angry and did not want to be here. I was in total compliance but then I moved into honesty and acceptance. When I did that, I felt a freedom I’ve never had before. I had a spiritual awakening and I found my god. I can’t predict the future, but I will say that I have fully surrendered and committed myself 100% to recovery. River Source saved my life. I will forever owe thanks to the staff, counselors, life coach, and all the services that I was blessed with love. I would and will always recommend The River Source to absolutely any and every one that I feel needs help. Geffen, I owe you the world! Putting me on blast, calling me on my bullshit, and just fully loving me and being there for me are the things I feel truly saved my life. You showed me that praying for the willingness to walk through any fears, always getting and being honest, and just being John is OK. I never thought I would say this, but leaving The River Source will definitely be hard and I will miss this place with all my heart. I will keep coming back.

– John L, 11/5/12