Jonathan M. – September 2013

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I was brought to The River Source because of my drugs. With my addiction my life was unmanageable. I almost died before I came in. I didn’t choose The River Source my parents did and I feel that it was a big blessing. My experience here was better than the last three treatment programs I was in. I’ve never worked the steps as detailed as I have while I was here. Every staff member here has experience with recovery and that makes it easy for me to talk with them, because they understand what addiction is like.

I was broken when I got here and the river source helped build me back up. I can start making the right choices. That will only happen with my higher power. The groups here are amazing. The staff are amazing at the way they run groups. I feel that the staff truly care about everyone who comes in here. My counselor and life coach made it easy for me to open up as well. I am 45 days sober today. I am in good standings with my family. I am moving on to sober living. I would say my life is a lot better than it was 45 days ago. I would definitely recommend River Source to anyone that is serious about recovery.

Jonathan M. – Scottsdale, AZ