Jordan C. – Sublimity, OR

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When I arrived at The River Source I was burnt out stressed out, and , my life was falling apart. I was happy to be here because I knew I couldn’t keep living the way I was. I was risking permanent damage to my brain if I kept using, but still I couldn’t manage to stop.

For the first week it seemed like the time flew by. However after about ten days my mind started to clear, and I was able to take an honest look at my addiction. That’s when everything started to sink in. I realized I wouldn’t be able to control my drug use no matter what the drug, even alcohol. I also stressed about whether or not I had hit my “bottom”. Luckily, I voiced my concerns to staff and some of my peers and was able to realize that your bottom was where you made it, and I would be fine as long as I honestly wanted to stop. One of the other major things I learned was to live life one day at a time and not stress about the future.