Joseph D. – December 2012

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When I came into The River Source this time in November 2012, I was miserable. Heroin and other drugs had driven my life down a darker and deeper hole then I’ve ever been in. My family disowned me, my financial situation was horrible and I had lost all my self-worth. My life was unmanageable. I chose to come back because the first time I came in I saw people around me changing and becoming happy. The problem was that the first time I wasn’t willing to change, but I knew that The River Source taught people to change that one thing. That one thing happens to be everything. This time when I came in I was willing to take suggestions and utilize the opportunity that I have been given here. The River Source gave me the knowledge I needed to get a running start on my recovery. The River Source gave me the perfect opportunity to learn, apply and start using the tools of recovery in real life situations. I have become a completely different person this time around. I’m no longer miserable every day of my life. My family still avoids me, I still have financial issues, and I’ve lost a lot of good true friends, but for the first time in my life I’m ok with me. I’m truly happy when I awake and I’m happy when I go to bed. There is a long road ahead of me and everyone in recovery but I feel confident and willing to finally deal with life on life’s terms. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me, I’ve never been so positive. If you or anyone has a problem with drugs and alcohol I would say The River Source is the perfect place to get the tools to have a healthy happy life. If you or someone is unhappy, on the verge of suicide, and are ready to stop being sick and tired then please consider The River Source. I thank The River Source for the opportunity to come back and change my life. The people working here care about the clients and their extremely good at what they do. I’m eternally grateful for the experience I’ve had here. If you’re looking for a new exciting, happy, and free life and if you’re willing to change for the best, then please consider coming to The River Source.


Joseph D