Joseph F- Tucson, AZ

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On June 12th, 2014 I came to The River Source to0 rehabilitation from a long-term and progressive addiction to alcohol. Immediately following an intensive, extended hospitalization for detoxification and acute medical treatment, I began my 90 day rehab program.

My personal expectations upon arriving were physical improvement, both internal and external, and a re-introduction to a 12- step program. As these two expectations were quickly met, I began to experience other aspects of a true recovery: spirituality, emotional processing, creating positive thoughts and actions, program involvement and working with others. Over time, with assistance and guidance from staff and my local sponsor, I discovered and developed these traits. Across the board, from management to floor staff, counselors and life coaches, to kitchen staff and housekeeping, all demonstrate a true caring for each individual’s recovery. I experienced simple acts like having someone folding my laundry to being talked to as a broken man during my worst emotional moment. Through all my personal highs and lows of the past 90 days, the one constant has been the compassion and understanding of The River Source staff.

Some people may feel that 3 months in rehab is too much for too long, I did initially, but now disagree whole-heartedly. I came to River Source fearing death and life, but now I leave truly excited to live. I met outstanding people, made new addicted , now recovering friends and gained so many things to guide me in a life with recovery and self-confidence. The pain experienced and the work involved is just a blink in the grand scheme of life that I would gladly do again, but thanks to the gifts I received at The River Source I now that I never have too.