Joseph L. – October 2012

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I was brought to The River Source because of my addiction to Crystal meth. The way I was living was not working for me, I decided that I wanted to turn my life around. I heard that The River Source was a holistic approach to treatment, I tried other treatment facilities and they were not effective. For the most part it was very pleasant and informative I would recommend it to others that are finding that their lives are out-of-control and unmanageable. Love The River Source helped me realize that my addiction controlled every aspect of my life in a negative way and that there is hope for me and others. My life has changed dramatically I have new hope and know that this chapter in my life is going to be a positive journey for me. I am deeply grateful for the staff because without them I wouldn’t have made it and for every person has played a part in my recovery. The special thanks for holding me accountable and the devotion to my recovery.

-Joseph L.