Julie G. – Tempe, AZ

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After searching many different treatment centers I found The River Source to be the one that got my attention. My husband and I like the holistic approach and that this program offered counseling and was AA based. My experience at The River Source has exceeded my expectations for many different reasons. First the staff genuinely work hard for everyone’s sobriety. The River Source staff is a dynamic team that has taught me so much knowledge and has instilled confidence and life skills in me. Secondly, The River Source offered the best meetings daily where I learned self-awareness tools for my sobriety and communication skills. Lastly my counselor and life coach worked on my past and present and any issues that I needed support with. I had extended my stay because of the support, knowledge and self-discoveries about myself that I had received or been making.

My life now has more clarity, and love for myself and a new confidence to live life with compassion and integrity. I was able to complete all 12 steps with a sponsor at River Source and it forever changed my life. River Source also taught me that I can have routine in my life , with the routine activities their program offers. Thank you for making me believe in myself again, I gained an enthusiastic idea about living life sober and an opportunity to give back to others.