Julie M. – September 2011

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What brought me to the River Source was my life was pointless. I rarely spoke or made an effort at anything in life. On or off narcotics, I didn’t exist. I choose the River Source because they offered a “holistic” approach to staying sober, which is something I was interested in.

My experience at the River Source was exceptional. I had been to rehab before, and the focus was always on how to deal with family, work, society, etc. not on the real problem. Me. They also taught me the skills I needed to stay sober on a daily basis. They helped me by actually challenging my unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns. I was shown how to do the next right thing. The staff was there not only to show concern, but to show they cared.

Today my life is almost perfect. I am independent financially. I can hold a job. I have amazing friends. I am really really happy even when life hits. I laugh way too much. I would recommend the River Source to anyone. And it would be my first choice. Lastly, I would like to say thanks to the staff, and all my peers I met at the River Source. They help me to be a better person every day.

-Julie M.