Justin L. – April 2013

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When I came to The River Source I was freaked out. I had never been to treatment before and I didn’t know what to expect. I was greeted by friendly staff and began preparation for an intense detox immediately. I was very surprised to find that their naturopathic treatment was so effective that I didn’t suffer much of a detox at all. After that I immediately jumped into the program. They were very intent on finding me a sponsor right away (who will probably be my sponsor for life). I was taken thoroughly through the steps, meanwhile participation in groups, yoga, and insightful lectures while taking daily trips to the gym around the corner. I am a completely different person and happier today than I have ever been. The River Source has helped me get another shot at life. I am forever grateful for The River Source and would recommend it for everyone. If you need help, these people are here to help.

– Justin L.