Justin M. – May 2012

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I was a broken individual before coming to The River Source. Drugs and Alcohol had taken total control over my life. I could not stand being sober, I was not comfortable in my own skin. I lost any job I ever had, failed college time and time again, lost all respect from my family, and I had no self worth.

Coming to The River Source and getting clean was the best decision I ever made. They taught me how to be myself and showed me how to live a good life drug free. They showed me a strong fellowship I can belong to the rest of my life. They helped me gain motivation in my life again, and a plan that could change my life. Most importantly, they helped me find a power I could rely on the rest of my life.

The River Source and its staff have helped me gain respect back from my family, and showed me to love myself as well as others. I no longer regret the past nor do I dread the future. I live in the moment and enjoy life as it is. The River Source has changed the way I live for the best, and they can do that for any person who wants the help. As long as I remain willing, honest and open-minded, I will never have to use or drink again.

Justin M.