Kacie M.

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My son attended The River Source for 45 days for heroin addiction. We were very pleased with his treatment there from beginning to end. The admission people were very helpful and answered all our insurance information and other questions in a timely manner. Our son said the staff really cared about his recovery and did not treat this as just a job. The holistic treatment was amazing, he not only gained back the weight he lost because of his addiction but he looked healthier than he had in years; he also said the supplements really helped him with the withdrawals. We enjoyed the family barbeque and also learned a lot about ourselves and our sons addiction with the seminars that was provided. We received weekly calls from his counselor and life coach to inform us of his progress and a well thought out aftercare plan was made up for him before his departure. All of these things made it much easier to “let go” and let his recovery take place. I am happy to report that our son is doing well living in a sober living environment and is going on 70 day’s clean and sober. The River Source was an answered prayer for our family, we would highly recommend it.