Karen W. – Vail, AZ

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An intervention with my family in January which included my daughter and my son is what brought me to The River Source. My husband wrote me a letter but I had wished not to hear it. I agreed to come to The River Source as I had quit drinking almost 10 days before that day so I was ready. My children did a lot of research on alcohol treatment centers that were holistic with programs promoting nutritional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The River Source helped me by including me into the woman’s group and getting me to see a counselor, life coach and starting me with the Doctor to work on my chronic pain. Guiding me to get involved and share myself with other by being useful and helpful when I could.

My life now is me being honest with myself that I am powerless over alcohol and that my life is a mess and totally unmanageable. Faith in God has allowed me to put myself in God’s hands. I have become a calm, happy, useful person who is sober. I have not had this feeling of peace and joy for so very long. God is teaching me how to communicate on a level I have never imagined I could. Before I walked away and isolated myself. I am honest and loving and see myself with hope and happiness without alcohol and drugs.

The staff was awesome everyone had their own individual personality which gave so much direction to the program. I will take away something from everyone and their story and apply it to my own recovery. Without all of you my path and the next steps 4-12 would not even be possible. Thank you.