Karin S. – November 2012

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When I came into River Source, I was completely hopeless and insanely addicted to spice. I had been trying to quit every day for 5 weeks, and was totally unable to stop on my won. I wasn’t able to sleep for the first three nights I was here, and I was going crazy: hearing voices, hallucinating, and feeling completely out of control. On the 4th morning I just broke down sobbing and crying out to god to help me. This was when surrender happened for me. From there I became absolutely willing to take suggestion and throw myself in to this program. I had no other choice… talk about the desperation of a drowning man. In the pas I had struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism, and I had found that I could not manage my own life and that I was utterly powerless. As I opened my mind to the steps and the spiritual principles that were being taught and discussed here, my life began to change. Most of all, I learned and experienced that I cannot think my way into right action, I have to act my way into right thinking. Tis program and the people here have given me a brand new chance at a life better than I could have ever imagined. I am grateful beyond words for this place, the staff, and what I have gained. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

– Karin S. 11/21/12