Kathryn A. – September 2013

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I came to River Source after my family had an intervention. I had been abusing Heroin. I didn’t choose River Source. Rather my mother did, based on the recommendation of a friend. The holistic approach was also appealing. My experience has been remarkable. I have nothing but positive things to say about the staff and the program at The River Source. The recovery vibe at the river source is dedicated. I’ve learned how to take this serious and reap the benefits of sobriety. River Source helped separate me from drugs so I could detox and be clear headed enough to have a spiritual experience. Today my life has changed drastically. I’m happy and, content without substances. I am able to deal with and cope with everyday life without getting high. I would highly recommend River Source to anyone interested in rehabilitation. Thank you for this opportunity and the chance at a sober life.

Kathryn A. – Tempe, AZ