Kelley G. – October 2012

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I came to The River Source as a hopeless, raging drug addict, strung out on heroin. My parents found The River Source through the Aetna website and what really sold me was not only the holistic aspect but that I ran into a friend at the Mesa center and she had nothing but amazing things to say. I tried coming in with a positive attitude but in the back of my mind I was expecting to despise it. Much to my surprise I ended up absolutely loving it. I ended up totally throwing myself headfirst into my program, and discovering so many things about myself, as well as my addiction. My life has already improved so much on many levels. I’m back to having some level of confidence and self-esteem and back to having a positive outlook on life and everything in it. I would and will recommend The River Source to anyone and everyone necessary. Thank you so, so much to all the BHT’s and rest of the staff for all your help, advice and love. I’m so incredibly lucky and grateful to have met all of you (as well as all the past and present clients) and have had you in my recovery. Keep doing what you’re doing. Service!


Kelley G