Kellie B. – June 2011

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When my husband had brought me to The River Source I had been at the Magellan Center for trying to cut my wrist with glass. I had went into a blackout and do not remember most of what happened. I have been trying to get sober for the past year. I had tried another rehab, IOP, and sober living. Nothing was working and none of it made sense to me. I wanted to stop drinking but could not. I would pray to God every day to please find me a solution. On april 29th 2011, I think for the first time I felt like I was going to die and really needed help. I was willing to try anything. Being brought to The River Source was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The program the offer is 12 step, and mainly out of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. They made me realize the problem was me and the alcohol was just a symptom. The psychic change that happens when you surrender to the process is amazing. I am very thankful for the staff, they are all wonderful. I listened and took suggestions and my life today is full of hope and love. I would strongly recommend The River Source to anyone who struggles with addiction or someone who has tried everything and nothing else worked.

-Kellie B.