Kelsey M. – Tucson, AZ

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​I was brought to The River Source due to my addiction to heroin and other opiates. My life was going nowhere but down and I was desperate for a way out. My mom told me to look up River Source and to really consider going. She knew two people who had gone there for the same addiction and they had great success so I decided I had nothing to lose and would go.

I was frightened once I got there, scared of the withdrawals and of the unknown. But everyone here was so welcoming and supportive. They went above and beyond making me feel comfortable. River Source helped me come out of my shell. They helped me find out what my core issues were and gave me tools to help better my life and help show me that recovery is possible.

My life went from having no purpose and feeling worthless to a purpose driven life with meaning and a sober promising future. I began to not only love my life but to love myself as well. I would definitely recommend The River Source to anyone who is struggling with any addiction. This place has truly saved my life and I will forever be grateful to The River Source.