Kennedy R. – December 2012

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I spent 30 days in The River Source in Aug 2012 – Sept 2012 because of a 6 year profession in slamming heroin. I relapsed after 2 hours of leaving The River Source. I moved to Pinetop, not using or drinking for 2 months after my relapse. I thought since I only used dope once I was victorious over my addiction. My ego was huge, and I thought if I could use heroin one last time when I left, that alcohol should not have any power over me and that I could control it. Obviously I was wrong; one drink turned into a fifth of vodka and progressed exponentially into 2 of the 1.75 L handles of vodka. The thing that really led me to drinking again was women, I let another girl in recovery, really early in recovery move in, we both wanted to have a good time and party. My biggest trigger is women. After drinking for weeks, I decided to go back to The River Source, but on the way stopped in Chandler and decided it was a great idea to start slamming dope to rid myself from the DT’s of alcohol. Wrong! I got to The River Source withdrawing from alcohol and heroin. The River Source is truly a place where you can lay a good foundation for recovery if you put your heart and soul into it. I realized the areas I did not take into consideration the last time. I finally became honest, and took all the suggestions offered. This place has saved my life twice. I’m happy, content, and excited to be a part of recovery and help others like myself. I will and have recommended The River Source and have already got a client to try it, who is here right now. I would just like to say thank you to all the staff for saving my life and creating this foundation with me to help me succeed in staying sober.


Kennedy R