Kimberly B. – September 2013

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What brought me into The River Source was mainly to detox off of Heroin. Then I decided to extend to 30 then 45 and then even to 60 days just to make sure I get all of the tools I need to stay sober. My dad chose River Source because my therapist outside of here recommended this place. My experience was absolutely amazing here I learned so much from the staff. It was the best experience I have ever had.

River Source has helped me get the tools I need to stay sober. Helped me get off of the drugs and learn about myself. My life is a lot better than it was 60 days ago. I feel a lot happier now that I am sober. Relationships are starting to rebuild. I am building a healthier life.
I would definitely recommend The River Source to anyone in need of treatment. Thank you for helping me change my life.

Kimberly B. – Scottsdale, AZ