Kimberly – June 2013

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I came to River Source to seek help because my family and myself realized I was going to die with my escalating use and no one, including myself, could stop this. I needed help. I believe God guided my daughter’s hand when she found this place. My experience at River Source was overall life affirming. It gave me the tools to work through some of life’s troubles with praying, talking, and willingness to accept things in a different light. It gave me back what was needed most in my life and that is the reconnection with God. I am happier, peaceful, at ease within myself, no longer on the pity pot and sure of a brighter, healthier, happier future. I would not only recommend River Source, but have in fact recommended them to all I have come in contact with (doctors, nurses, etc.). The staff has been great. My counselor and life coaches have been so beneficial in guiding me during my recovery, giving me alternate methods of keeping my sobriety and teaching me to always stop and look inward instead of at others. I now clean my own house and admit to my own character defects – no more blame. I’ve learned to “Cowgirl Up”. Life will put speed bumps in front of you. It’s up to you whether or not you take them fast and crash or take your time and realize you make your own choices and if you take your time you will make the right decisions for YOUR BRAND NEW LIFE!

– Kimberly