Kurt G.

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My, experience at The River Source has given me a new life.

Which I’m grateful for, I have for the first time in my life, see who I am, was, and can be,

without using, suffocating my existence, with drugs of all sorts,.

From the moment I walked in the door, to this day.

I feel its presence,

very unique place,

starting with the staff,

From top to bottom, they care and understand, what the your feeling through the  process of

detox, fear, anxiety,

You are going to have from the get-go.  Addicts don’t know how to love oneself, which is a

large reason, one uses in the first place, then relapses, then snowball’s, back to hell.

They proved to me to love oneself, and that’s where it starts, that simple..

Which as  any quality addict knows  as I was told, (nothing changes if nothing changes)

this place instilled THE PROGRAM in my mind.

And in the above quote,

I chose to change,

and, I cannot thank them enough,

the staff is just the tip of the iceberg.

Volunteers, sponsors, ex~patients, people who are willing to go to any limits, to have what

we have,

and showing us the light even if we don’t understand quite yet. what that light is..

it takes time.

Surrender yourself, shut up and listen, become a sponge take it all in..

You will receive, a new life, not without some work,

nothing changes, if, nothing changes.

thanks, to all,

Kurt G.