Laura – July 2009

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My name is Laura; I’m 19 years old from a small town in Maryland . Three months ago I had made the best decision of my life to go to the River Source for treatment. Before going away my life was being taken over by drugs and alcohol. I had a dependency on Oxy Cotton, Cocaine, and Alcohol. In February I had gone away to a detox center for three days and the day I got out I was back to using. My life was spinning out of control and I was tired of the way I was living, something had to be done. I agreed to go away to treatment for thirty days. When I arrived at the River Source I was comforted with hope, love, and the correct help I would need to save my life. I was also introduced to the 12 Steps, where I soon learned that these steps would change my life. When my thirty days was coming up I decided this was not enough time, so I continued my stay with another thirty days. During my stay I took full advantage of the yoga, meditation, the Naturopathic Clinic, and the daily meetings that took place at the River Source. Today I am now spiritually, mentally, and physically healthy all thanks to the River Source for helping me change my way of living. After leaving the River Source I decided to stay in Arizona because of the fellowship I had discovered. I am also living in a sober house with three other recovering addicts. Today, I attend 2-3 daily 12-Step meetings; work with my sponsor, as well as other recovering addicts and alcoholics. I could not thank the staff at the River Source enough for helping me change my life!