Laura N. – Hendersonville, TN

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My drinking progressed to a place where my health and well – being were at risk. I needed help beyond just detox or any medications. Something more than just counseling appointments or what was offered locally. My mom’s concern had risen enough for her to research and she found the holistic approach attached to a 12- step treatment center. This was a concept I was more willing to be open to and after sifting through a couple of options, I decided River Source is what I’d commit my willingness to.

Since being at The River Source, I have had an experience unlike any other. Eye- opening, introspective, challenging, and healthy are a few things that come to mind to describe my experience here. It has helped me in providing me with the knowledge and tools I had not been exposed to before that helps with my addiction and addictive behaviors- the understanding of these tools and knowledge. My one on ones with my counselor, life coach and sponsor has helped me to have someone to trust while being in this environment. Practicing acceptance and understanding expectations and boundaries all while relating my spirituality has helped me grow and see how I can continue growing. My life at the time, is winding down during this particular period yet moving to the next step. I will soon be beginning to build the life I am setting goals toward living. It is a sober less anxious life. It is a freer, more hopeful life. I would recommend The River Source to anyone seeking help from a broken place in self.