Laurie D. – July 2012

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I brought myself to The River Source. I liked the fact that it was an holistic recovery. I really could relate to the 1st and 3rd steps. My last recovery did not focus on these steps. It really set my foundation to go forward with the rest of the steps. I really enjoyed my stay here and realized how much I’m not alone. The River Source helped me by feeling again. I was able to realize my feelings of shame, guilt, depression, dishonesty, and low self-worth. Now I can feel and actually smile and laugh again. I realize that when I go out that front door I will be free. But not free of my addiction. I know I have to use the tools I have been given and apply them to myself every single day of my life. I need to live in the now, and my future with come with the help of my higher power. I would highly recommend The River Source to others. I learn a lot from helping others, because they help me. I will continue saying the word HOW. Honesty, Open mindedness, and my Willingness.

I thank you all very much. I am so grateful that I chose The River Source. I know I can call anyone here for help.


Laurie D.