Leah L. – Phoenix, AZ

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I came to River Source because I was so desperate to change anything. I felt completely hopeless and miserable. I had been running from my responsibilities and requirements for Intensive Probation I finally called my P.O and he suggested River Source to me so I just called because the other places I looked into wouldn’t accept my insurance. From the moment I got here up until now I have felt truly loved and cared for by all the staff. Sharmyn and Geffen have given me a tremendous amount of insight on myself and my behaviors and by helping me with that I’ve gotten to to take sometime to myself and be aware of my diseased behaviors that have taken me out in the past. The previous times I attempted treatment I’ve been kicked out or left AMA and this time I feel like I took it seriously and wanted the help that they were offering . Through this I’ve found some inner peace and joy within myself. I would definitely recommend The River Source to anyone truly asking for help. Although I’ve gotten myself into trouble here, I’m honestly grateful for the opportunity and chance to learn about myself and find my connection with God. River Source is truly beautiful because on a daily basis here I found God through all the love and help from the staff, I can feel it around me constantly. I just want to thank everyone her for showing me compassion and patience. God gave me this place for a specific reason and I was able to see that everyday that I was here.