Logan T. – April 2013

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About 5 or 6 weeks ago I realized I had been stuck in a full circle round-a-bout of jails, institutions  and relapse. As I was getting processed I realized I need help; at which point my Grandma found  The River Source. Coming here I was quite skeptical and thought I knew everything. It wasn’t until  the staff put me on reflection to take in what I had been missing did I begin to learn and listen.  Before that point I had been isolating and avoiding issues, but being open, willing and honest with  a little reflection did the door open ajar. Today, after 36 days of treatment, working steps and taking  suggestion do I feel at peace and calm in my life. I also find that helping other is the greatest and  quickest ways to that way today. I am finally at terms with my past and grateful for each day as it  comes to the present moment. I am very grateful for all the staff here and the clients, without whom  my worked the lives of staff and clients and myself so that today I have hope faith and courage.

– Logan T.