Lorna B. – Tucson, AZ

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I came to River Source because I needed to get off of methadone. My dose was so high that there were not very many treatment centers that would take me. I knew that the methadone was limiting me both physically and mentally, but I couldn’t detox from it by myself. We chose River Source because they provide holistic and medical care, as well as the intensive counseling, which is what I needed.

My experience at The River Source was amazing. My life and my self- worth were totally changed. I experienced radical spiritual growth and self- acceptance, doing a complete 180 in regards to working the twelve steps and believing in a higher power. River Source let me find not only sobriety but also what I need in myself to keep it.

My life now has so much more of my real self- my true self. I have the tools now in order to follow the path that my higher power wants me to follow and to love myself for who I am, not what I have achieved or what I think I should have achieved.

I would absolutely recommend River Source to anyone struggling with any form of substance abuse addiction. The dedication of the staff and the true care that they show is really amazing. The fact that 95% of the staff are in active recovery really makes a difference with the connection. All choices that were made about my health and safety were with the utmost concern. I would just like to say thank you again to the staff, my counselor and my life coach who helped me really truly find myself.

Lorna B. – Tucson, AZ