Luke – January 2010

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I came to The River Source a very broken man. My life was out of control, absolutely unmanageable and I was emotionally and spiritually bankrupt due to my drug and alcohol addiction. On top of that I had, just three weeks prior, broken my hip and femur because of an alcohol related incident. I needed help! I had tried to quit by myself, tried to control things on my own but to no avail. I had even been to other treatment centers in years past but could not stay sober. I didn’t know where to turn and things were looking very bleak. Thanks to some research by my family, while I was in the hospital, we found out about The River Source Treatment Center. In that research process my Mom, Dad and siblings carefully weighed the options. They were totally distraught with my situation and knew I needed serious help, right away from just the right facility. The holistic approach was a bright beacon. Mom and Dad being years in recovery and still sober knew well that true healing is truly about the mind, body and spirit working together in harmony. Also, with me being newly post-op and still recovering from serious injuries it was crucial that I be in an environment well suited to handle the entire scope of my impairments. River Source is that place. The naturopathic clinic is a space of wonderful healing and nurturing stabilization. We as addicts and alcoholics are devoid of proper nutrition and health and our bodies need to be brought back to strength and vitality. That happens here in this clinic. I can’t say enough about how important this has been. The full body massages, yoga and sauna treatment have also played an integral role in my improvements physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Also, of the upmost importance, are the things we learn here. The Program Managers, Life Coaches, Counselors, Peer Support and all of the staff have been very special and so beneficial. They genuinely care and take their roles here with a fine tuned sense of purpose as a real mission to help others in need. Being recovered alcoholics and addicts themselves they have the perspective to understand in the truest sense. Sharing their experience, strength and hope with courage and honesty while at the same time having the insight to be sensitive to the specialized needs that some of us require. My experience here has been nothing short of an absolute miracle. So many incredible things took place for me here. Things that not long ago seemed totally impossible. I have a strong spiritual connection that allows me peace and serenity in my day to day life. I am no longer restless, irritable and discontent. I have hope, faith and a sense of meaning and belonging that I was lacking. And, I am no longer trying to be something that I am not. Today I can just be me! I now leave The River Source Treatment Center and walk back into society on my own two legs with knowledge of self-worth and a tool box filled with the things I need to help keep me sober, as well as happy, joyous and free!