Lunenburg, MA

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I came to the River Source initially because they have a good detox program, but also because they incorporate a personalized, faith-based 12- step program. My parents and family selected this institution because my uncle-in-law came here and The River Source is relatively affordable part. The only things I’d improve would be more understanding, relatable, respectable interactions/ conversations between some of the BHT staff and patients. If we are having to be sober, then consistent and invasive enforcement of schedule is absolutely abhorrent. In addition, more outings or activities, not just groups for twelve hours would make the experience better. The River Source helped me to get sober and see the light behind it. My life is continuously improving to become a life that I love. Yes, I would recommend it, but I’d have some previously mentioned reservations. Further build library of sober living pamphlets/ info so patients could have a stress free transition with an educated decision.

-Lunenburg, MA