Mary W. – Andover, KS

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I was headed to Chandler Valley Hope. Just a few short days before my flight I googled Chandler Valley Hope and The River Source came up. I saw “A Holistic Approach…” immediately called, reached someone and flew out.

I chose The River Source because of the holistic approach –the Counseling, Massage, Yoga, Life Coach: one of the primary reasons was the Naturopathic clinic approach.

I came in here a fairly broken woman, physically, mentally, and emotionally, without my spiritual life in play. My time here allowed me to rediscover ME in all of those areas. I am genuinely leaving here with a healthier, grounded grateful Mary. I gained so much form our in house sessions with all of the facilitators and staff. My conversations with staff all gave me so much as well. What a fine group of caring human beings. I am coming back to being me again and although I am not all the way there, I know what it is to accept, embrace and love myself again. I know I have much to offer and look forward to re engaging fully in life. It’s still a path I treasure.

I would highly recommend The River Source. Thank you for helping me save my life. I am grateful for my days here and know I am leaving here with hope and a solid foundation to move forward in health. Thank you so much in kindness