Matt H. – March 2010

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Alcohol, addiction and family pressure brought me to the River Source, which I choose because it was an in-patient treatment center with a high percentage success rate.

River Source taught me how to be effective in the step work and not just going through the motions, but rather how to make the steps effective for myself and others and applying them to my everyday life. They also taught me how to be honest with myself and others, how to process my emotions and helped me to discover my character defects and how to change. They taught me how to deal with life on life’s terms and to apply acceptance in my daily life. The most important thing that River Source gave me is my reconnection with God!

My experience at the River Source was like experiencing a big family who shares emotions, feelings and honest/open communication.

I would recommend River Source to my family and closest friends, and to all of you!

I know that the staff at the River Source has been a huge part of my recovery and helped save my life.

God Bless You All

-Matt H