Melissa M. – October 2013

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What brought you to The River Source?

After I was discharged from Chandler Valley Hope.

Why did you choose River Source?

I was referred to The River Source by a few of the counselors there.

What was your experience like at The River Source?

I wasn’t excited at all about coming to treatment, but after a few days of being here I loved it. I love the holistic 12 step program, and everything else about it.

How did River Source help you?

They helped me with the tools that is necessary to maintain my sobriety and I couldn’t be happier.

What is your life like now? 

I can see an extremely bright future ahead of me as long as I continue with everything that I’m taught and keep going to meetings and working with my sponsor!

Would you recommend The River Source?

I would absolutely recommend The River Source. CVH wasn’t enough structure for me, but The River Source was perfect. All my needs were accommodated.

Anything else you would like to say?

Y’all are absolutely INCREDIBLE. Thank you for everything!!

Melissa M.