Merv V. March, 2010

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I found the River Source on a Google search. After several conversations with staff members, I decided they had what I was looking for. The very first day at the Source, I was welcomed and taken in by the clients. Why were these people so happy? Within a week I too found myself laughing and smiling. Quite a change from my daily life.

My life has turned around 180⁰ today. I look forward to each day and enjoy a growing and glowing relationship with my Higher Power. The staff was amazing, patient and kind. I never knew or imagined that I would have so many junkies and drunks that I am proud to call my brothers and sisters.

If you are totally serious about changing your life, you owe it to yourself to grow at the River Source.

Thank you Rusty, Sharmyn, Geffen, John and all.

-Merv V.