Mickey Z. – Brookfield, WI

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I needed to quit drinking alcohol for good and also just plain clean up my life as a whole. I could stop for a couple weeks but would still have that “dry drunk” behavior. This included very egotistic, self centered and reckless behavior. Honestly my girlfriend googled treatment centers and this was on the list near my home. The River Source does it right. The lectures, groups and meetings were extremely beneficial if you have the willingness to pay attention, participate and to get sober. It is very structured. You have chores, you eat meals during certain times, you must be on time to groups, lecture and meetings. You can only use your phone during certain window of time per day, etc. It teaches you discipline, which is crucial in recovery because the real work starts when you leave River Source. Alone we cannot control whether we drink or use, so the River Source got me back in touch with my Higher Power( as I see it) because my Higher Power is the only one who can restore me to sanity. They also gave me the tools to combat resentments which is the number 1 offender of causing relapse. To be honest and to get things out and talk about them. They gave me a toolbox full of tools to help me with any situation I may face in the future that would drive most to pick up that drink or drug! They also taught me how important it is to help others, and it gets you out of your head! I did a complete 180 degree turn while in here. I have renewed my faith and pray and meditate everyday, I go to a meeting or meetings everyday. I have a home group with a service commitment. Most importantly I am honest. Not 100% honest but close. Its progress not perfection.