Mike States – Mesa, AZ

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I came out to The River Source as a suggestion from another facility not covered by my insurance. I know I needed help, as my job was on the line, and I was just absolutely miserable. The River Source provided me a safe place to detox and showed me a new experience in recovery. I appreciate all of the staff and counselors. I was excited to have Carol as a counselor! She taught me some very good lessons for a healthy lifestyle in recovery. I got so much information out of the lectures too. I feel healthy in mind, body, and spirit! I feel re-charged and ready, spiritually, to take on life on life’s terms. I know a few people in the past that have made it through The River Source program and they are still sober. I want to emulate them and carry on the lessons and suggestions learned here at The River Source. I would prefer anyone here who is struggling with an addiction of alcoholism.

Thank you so much,

-Mike States
Mesa, AZ