Mima H.

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Our family was referred to The River Source by the attorney we hired after our son was in a DUI related incident facing jail time. Our attorney was adamant that this was a healing place of recovery. Several previous clients had done very well there. After previous stints in rehab with no sobriety, we were grateful to see the approach at The River Source was making a difference for our son. Their focus on healing the body with nutrition, yoga, vitamin IV therapy, daily exercise at the gym is a huge part of their program. The spiritual side of serious 12 step work, life coach, counseling, group therapy and attending AA. Our son was not alone. He developed a sense of himself and giving to others. He also learned to rely on his faith and believe in something larger than his actions surrounding substances. He remained at The River Source 120 days. The first 2 months he got well, the last two months he got moving and tapped into his potential for life. The last 2 months of his 120 day stay is when the miracle began to happen so please give this wonderful program time. 30 days is not enough after years of using. Many of the folks at The River Source are recovering addicts, so they have a special understanding. Our son was offered love, compassion and understanding. I have already recommended The River Source to others and will continue to do so.