Mladen P.

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In active heroin addiction, I was reluctant to use a needle thought I was considering using one before I got to The River Source, which is what brought me here. A healthy fear. I chose The River Source because of the almost unheard of 78% success rate, because it was out of Tucson, and because of the fact that they have doctors on staff. I was diagnosed with a variety of mental disorders: a selection of them severe. When I arrived here at first I hated it. Due to the fact that, I had to transition out of my comfort ability zone. I had never done the 12 steps before and when they handed me the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous, I had rebutted the fact that I was not an alcoholic. I was looking for any excuse to leave the program. I was living a lie. They built me back up again and here I realized how I was making a better future. When I did my third step it felt like a big weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I was able to be myself. I will never forget the laughs and good times nor any of the people. These people are my family and that will never change. The amount of love that circulates in this building is magical. My life today is better than I have ever hoped for and I give 100% credit to the River Source for that. The River Source with their life coaches and counselors, helped me to envision the man I aspire to be. I would highly recommend The River Source to anyone suffering from addiction, because it really works; it teaches you an amazing new life style you will never forget and hopefully always keep. I tried everything else and nothing worked but The River Source and I am thankful for that. The staff is amazing and I wouldn’t give up my experience here for anything.

– Mladen P.