Monroe, NY

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The reason I came to The River Source was because my mom asked me to and I was at my rock bottom living in my storage using every day. Didn’t have a sense of direction. Why The River Source, that’s a good question, well my mom said she was just drawn to it. Come to find out my mom has a necklace and bracelet of the family tree/ tree of life. The symbol you have at the front door as well as the floor at the main entrance. In addition, I have a tattoo on my right leg and it’s the Celtic tree of life. I believe it was fate that brought me here. My experience here was pleasant, it is what you make it, if you stay focused and do the work you will get results. However, if you get sick you’re screwed. If you don’t get seen for any meds unless you have a 103 temp is bullshit. You’re trying to make us feel comfortable. Being sick temporarily caused me to not care. I almost left to walk to the store to get meds and then I would have come back. Luckily a BHT helped me out and gave me Ibuprofen which helped my fever go down. But the nurse would not do anything because I didn’t have a 103 temp. I had a 102 easily. The River Source helped me find an IOP and sober living place. And you guys helped me get back on the right road of my life, my life was lost but now I’m found and have hope and direction and on where I want to be, so thank you. Yes, I would recommend The River Source. You should allow MP3 players or radios that don’t have internet capabilities. Music helps me calm down and helps me stay at ease when times are tuff.

-Monroe, NY