Nash T. – September 2012

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Hello Everyone! What brought me to The River Source was that I was cheating UA’s on this drug court program and I finally got caught cheating a UA by my probation officer. My therapist Evan found this treatment center online and so I just went along, I knew I needed help; I didn’t like the life that I was living. My experience at The River Source was life changing, everything that we’ve talked about in group was my life surrounded upon. I learned so much from the staff and from Rusty’s step ones. The River Source has helped me so much by keeping me accountable and by doing step work because without the accountability of doing the steps I wouldn’t be the person who my higher power has made me today. My life right now is a whole new outlook on what my God of my understanding has in store for me. Thank you Liz, Sharmyn, Rusty, Kim, Dr. T, Phil, Larson, Lyndsay, Tara, Roxanne, Nate, Tabitha, Tony, Dr.Sims, Dr. Jones, Dr. Dave, Omar, Leslie, Jeff, Geffen, and Sharon for being there to talk and to support me.

-Nash T.